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Tamil Online course is designed to teach Tamil as a second language. Anybody from anywhere in the world can learn Tamil through this Online course. Those who are interested in learning an Indian language and about its cultural context can utilize this facility. Students and scholars who are engaged in research on India can utilize this opportunity to learn an Indian language. The learning package is avialable only to the registered users. Those interested in learning Tamil may register by paying an amount of Rs.500/- or 50 US $. At an optimum learning speed, it may not take more than two semesters to learn Tamil through this portal. However, a learner can register at any point of time and continue the study upto 18 months from the date of registration.

Do you want to learn Tamil Online?

You want to try and test your patience going through numerous books & papers?
Pay Rs.500/- or 50US $ and register to avail lessons for the maximum period of 18 months.

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