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Gratitude in Indian traditions cannot be adequately expressed in words.Pof Sam Mohan lal We express it through our humility, our smile and our deeds. In fact we have also tried our best to express the feelings of love and gratitude through the magic of words through centuries of our different oral and written traditions. We have been trying to portray our precious feelings in many tongues but never are satisfied that we have conveyed what we wanted to convey. Now through this online Tamil language learning programme we are trying to introduce you to a great linguistic tradition , noble tongue of great antiquity nurtured by great literary saints, the sum total of whose works have touched upon all aspects of human life. The more you try to come into contact with its treasures, the more hungry you become because you know that there are greater delicious, healthy and mesmerizing food for your intellectual and spiritual health. Therefore, we are grateful to all of you who are trying to open up your minds' windows to this great tradition of Tamil and give us a feeling that we are doing something meaningful to add to the quality of human culture. Your hunger and thirst for knowledge,as well as your curiosity, your arguments for and against a particular treatment given to a topic here will give us greater courage and greater inspiration to go further. Could we say a BIG THANK YOU by which we let our heart flow out with a deep sense of gratitude.

The richness of the material you have seen is the outcome of the untiring efforts put by both the academic and technical teams which worked day in and day out for over two years to give a present shape to it. They deserve much more appreciation than what we can give.

Prof. Sam Mohan Lal
Former Head - Centre for Language Technology.

  Prof.Udaya Narayana Singh, Director, CIIL.

  Dr.Sam Mohan Lal. Dr.G.V.Natarajan.

  Dr.Sam Mohan Lal. Dr.K.Premananthan.
  Dr.G.V.Natarajan. Dr.P.Vijaya.


M.Venkatesan (Co-ordinator).

B.C.Nandakishor, G.S.Santosh, S.Narayana Swamy Naidu, P.Balamourougane, C.Anbu Joseph, A.John Paul, N.S.Devaraj, B.Manjunath, A.C.Prasanth, Manmeet Singh Raina, S.Latha Priya and V.B.Gobinath.

  K.V.Dhanalakshmi (Data input).

  Chithra, Ravisubramaniam, Prof.K.Ramaswamy.

Dr.I. S. Borkar, Dr.B. Mallikarjun, R.Krishnamurthy, V. Nagashayana, STPI-Mysore,C-DAC(India).

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