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Thank you very much for your interest in learning a unique Indian language Professor Udaya Narayana Singh which like Greek is both a classical and a modern language. We welcome you to the Tamil Online Language teaching programme. It is needless to say that Tamil has a long recorded history and it is one of the major Dravidian Languages. Though Tamil is primarily spoken in Tamilnadu which is in the southern part of India, during the long period of its history, the Tamils have migrated to several parts of the world. To name a few countries we could mention Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji, Reunion, South Africa etc. where a considerable number of Tamils are settled along with olher diasporic Indians. As we had received lot of queries from these diasporic Tamils and other interested persons who wanted to learn Tamil language and know about Tamil Culture, Literature and History, we thought this demand could be met by developing a comprehensive second foreign language online learning package which could encompass within it all the required teaching and learning components. Tamil online programme is the result of this thought.

I sincerely hope that the students of this course will greatly enjoy browsing through various facilities which have been created here and also the rich academic content incorporated. However, it is a reality that a course such as this one with its ambitious content and format, need constant growth. Hence we would definitely like to have your suggestions for improvement, and modification, which we can assure you, would be done constantly. Like us, your motto too can be to."Learn more languages and earn more friends".

Best of luck.

Professor Udaya Narayana Singh
Central Institute of Indian Languages,

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